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Oh No! A Clash


A Clash This expression is often heard from organisers of concerts, when two choirs or orchestras schedule concerts in the same area on or near the same date, maybe even with a similar programme.


The answer is for promoters to use an anti-clash diary to register their events well in advance. This is now possible using the new anti-clash diary available on the Music To Your Ears website www.musictoyourears.org.uk . The new diary, which replaces the old one which had become unusable, was developed for us by a local software company in Southam and was funded by a generous grant from WDC Arts Development for which we are very grateful. Anybody can view the diary, but to put an entry on to the diary, or if necessary edit the details, promoters of concerts need to request a password.


Couldn’t be simpler, and the benefits should lead to an increase in audience size as there isn’t likely to be a similar concert in your area on your special night. So all you music promoters out there, get registered and get your events online. To get your password send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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