Donate and Help


As you can imagine there is a lot of work involved in producing and distributing the MTYE diary three times per year. There are about a dozen volunteers on the Steering Group who do all the work.  The work falls into several areas and we can always do with more helping hands.

  • Promoter Liaison.  Getting the event details from all the various promoters in time to include on the printed diary.
  • Editorial.  Assembling all the event details into a form that can go to the printer.  Checking, double checking and triple checking!
  • Finance.  Sending out invoices to the promoters who have submitted entries and chasing for payment..  Keeping accounts and preparing the annual financial report.
  • Distribution Coordinator.  Managing the distributors and where they distribute to.  Maintaining the postal and email lists.
  • Distributing.  Taking the diary to all the various locations throughout the district.
  • Webmaster.  Loading the next diary on the website three times per year and updating it as necessary.  Dealing with technical issues and liaising with the hosting providers.

If you would like to help with this work and get involved to a greater or lesser extent please get in touch. 


The cost of printing 7000 copies of the diary is about £700 and it keeps going up.  The fees we raise from the promoters usually cover the cost of the printing, but there are other costs that have to be covered.  We send out about 200 diaries through the post to people on our mailing list.  We’re happy to do this but request that the recipients make a donation to cover the cost of postage.

If you want to make a donation, please either make a bank transfer to

Account NameMTYE
Account Number00857828
Sort Code30-99-15
Payee ReferenceDonation and your name

Or by cheque 

Make cheques payable toMTYE
Send to:Treasurer MTYE
Jerome Tucker
9 St Mary’s Crescent
Leamington Spa   
CV31 1JL